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Ornamental tattoo

The ornamental style has been known in the world since the dawn of time. You can safely risk the thesis that it is one of the first, on the basis of which various varieties of it began to be created. This gave rise to all ethnic and tribal tattoos.

The ornamental tattoo is based on the Polynesian style, which has survived to this day practically unchanged.

Polynesian tattoos used to be a sign of belonging to a particular group, and each pattern had its own special meaning. Thanks to the characteristic patterns, it was possible to read the history of a given person - his position, origin, and even marital status.

Ornamental tattoos were very significant to the Polynesian community. They had magical powers. If a newborn baby didn't have a tattooed elbow, the mother couldn't take care of him. On the other hand, girls entering puberty had to have their hands tattooed, because only then could they prepare meals for other people.

For tattooing they used sea ​​urchin needles, sharp plant spines and even shark teeth.

Ornamental style - what is it characterized by?

Ornamental tattoos most often consist of spirals, waves and crosses connecting to larger patterns. The style is characterized primarily by clear lines that form geometric figures such as circles, squares or triangles.

Ornamental tattoos are also characterized by symmetry, they are often filled with all kinds of interlacing or knots.

For their creation, black ink is used, which is sometimes accompanied by red color.

Ornamental tattoos often depict the sun, moon, ocean or flowers. They are very easy to distinguish.

Ornamental style - artists

Artists who perform ornamental style tattoos include: Jack Peppiette, Josh Fisher, Hosh Stephens, Phil Hatchet-Yau, Pantarei, Blum, Nissaco and Ilya Cascad.