XY Studio - tattoo studio Gdańsk
XY Studio - tattoo studio Gdańsk
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XY Studio - tattoo studio Gdańsk


The team is the composition, is the mix.

The sum of different temperaments and sensitivities.

The sum of ideas and principles that we accept as common.
We are whole, we make up a whole.


XY Studio - tattoo studio Gdańsk

Multi-layered tattoos, rich in neat transitions, interesting optical illusions and skilful adjustment to the anatomical structure of the clients, are the result of over a decade of hard work and long hours spent in the studio.

Max has been tattooing since 2015. Specializes in Polynesian style and dotwork. He prefers original projects and an individual approach to the client.

"Drawing is my medium. Fast, abstract, funny, honest; often in one line. Sometimes I also like to write something, about nature and deeper feelings. I am happy and grateful that my drawings have a chance to appear on the skin, not only on paper."

Deals with geometry in a broad sense, from small things to larger, more complicated compositions. He has been tattooing for about 2.5 years. Filip is strongly inspired by ancient, Middle Eastern and medieval art. He is also a fan of Suprematist and abstract art.