XY Studio - tattoo studio Gdańsk
XY Studio - tattoo studio Gdańsk
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XY Studio - tattoo studio Gdańsk



XY Studio - tattoo studio Gdańsk


The space where your passion meets our expression wants to be unique. A deliberately adapted place with history and character, allow for the comfort and independence of professional work. Shrouded by creative energy, the structure of the Królewska Fabryka Karabinów thrives on friendship and relaxation, attracting the mission of people.

Gdańsk, Downtown. In the heart of this old, communal district at Łąkowa Street, we find a post-industrial complex of buildings - Królewska Fabryka Karabinów. The collective of creative people established here, as well as the nature of the space, inspired the location of our studio. An ideological approach to tattoo processing and the vision of creating a place favorable to it, and then transforming the old interior into a studio with a different quality. This is where you can meet us about your tattoo.

The dynamically developing part of Gdańsk allows you to use the location of the Center but without the hustle and bustle. We believe that in this way we have created conditions in which we can be more careful about what is important to you. To here came my idea.


This is the meeting point of the X and Y axes.
space-time in which concept is born.
A moment of mutual dialogue,
underlying the common creation.
It is the energy of experiencing
intertwined with commitment.
It is a symbol of the synergy of two elements.
X and Y is
Here and now.

A tattoo is a pure expression that flows from us. Its context and pronunciation may be different, but we write them a common denominator - it is a means of expression. Once mystical, then controversial. Today, we give it a face and meaning by ourselves.
In times when, along with the growing awareness of what it is, we reach for a personal experience. We focus on ideas and concepts. It is in its direction that we can choose together, in the idea that crystallized along with our experience and artistic development. We put the co-creation technique in one place and time, so that during the conversation we can create an individual project. This theory turned into practice shows us that this is how the best tattoos are made. It's when people come together to create something together.


We live in dynamic times. Yet something keeps us connected. Get caught up in a common idea and passion. It allows us to be together and create. We combine this dynamic with experience to live in harmony. We learn and develop to learn and develop.

Ideas are born in our heads, in our hearts we carry ideas. We can give a clear shape to an indistinct substance. Get something out of everything. The variety of skills and characters is clearly an advantage associated with being surrounded by creative people. We work and develop together, but we create and perceive individually. This unique but natural blend is the essence of our tattoo studio.